Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy pants is an action game that takes risks. Its game style is very concise, but it is very playable. Through controlling a stick figure in fancy pants, he went through a series of difficulties and hardships, and finally rescued its sister with the help of his weapons.

Fancy pants’ game content

In Fancy pants, your main task is to help the game character stick figure rescue his sister.  However, the rescue process is doomed to be difficult, moving in the direction through the direction keys. When encountering obstacles, click S to jump; The up key can help it open the door. When the stick figure opens the door, he needs to pay attention to the spring doors and secret doors, because they are not sure whether they are surprises or terrors.

Fancy pants’ Game Features

Fancy pants have a very delicate set of scenes, such as dense forests and underwater caves.  During the whole game, you can use a variety of weapons to deal with the enemy, the enemy’s categories are also varied, so when fighting, you need to choose delicate and lethal weaponry to attack; Besides, you can unlock accessories style content and change clothes in the store.

Fancy pants is an exciting adventure. You will control the obstacles your character encounters to reach the end of each level.  Of course, during the experience, you can collect all kinds of unique props and launch special effects to help you move forward.  And troll face quest is also a game that requires you to think carefully before you can complete the task. You need to improve the game character successfully overcome the problematic problems before it, to help it overcome the difficulties and win the game.

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